You can reach me by telephone +372 501 2205 or e-mail

My manyfold alma mater is the University of Tartu. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, I started working as a lawyer in 1993. I have defended a doctoral dissertation on EU law. I also hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration (strategic management).

In my work as an attorney, I specialise in defending individuals’ and economic operators’ rights.

I speak Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish.


In Estonia, legal services under the professional name of an attorney (advokaat) may be provided solely by members of the Estonian Bar Association. Members of the Bar Association include attorneys-at-law (vandeadvokaat) and assistant attorneys-at-law (vandeadvokaadi abi).  In certain situations, only an attorney-at-law is legally entitled to act. For instance, in civil claim proceedings in the Supreme Court, a party to the proceedings may take procedural steps and file declarations and requests only via an attorney-at-law.


An attorney is required to maintain the confidentiality of data disclosed to them by upon provision of legal services, the fact that they have been addressed for the purpose of receiving legal services and the size of the fee paid for legal services. The professional confidentiality obligation does not have a time limit and it remains in force after the termination of the professional activities of the attorney. This means that you can be confident that an attorney will not disclose the fact that you contacted them.


The attorney’s fee is a matter of agreement. The fee is agreed on in the client agreement. Usually, Law Firm FINK charges an hourly rate but Estonian law also allows for agreeing on a fixed total fee. A proportional fee, i.e. a portion of the client’s gains obtained owing to the provision of legal services is also permitted.