Legal assistance in real estate-related matters

Legal assistance in real estate-related matters. Advising and representing clients in all important topics related to real estate.

Law Firm FINK advises and represents clients in matters related to real estate, including upon acquisition of real estate, preparation of contracts related to real estate, in construction and planning matters and in real estate disputes. Disputes related to real estate may be related to, among other things, disputing planning decisions, terminating common ownership, designation of an access road and disputes concerning a flatowner and a flatowners’ association.

Law Firm FINK provides legal assistance in real estate-related matters, among other things, in the following fields:

  • Construction and plans
  • Use and occupancy permit, application for a use and occupancy permit
  • Building permit, application for a building permit
  • Servitudes: real servitudes, usufruct, personal right of use
  • Real estate transactions: sales contract, tenancy contract
  • Common ownership: possession and use of common property, termination of common ownership
  • Flat: relations between flatowners, rights and obligations of a flatowner
  • Flatowners’ association, statutory lien of a flatowners’ association, general meeting of a flatowners’ association, contesting a resolution of a flatowners’ association
  • Hidden defects. Representation in court in connection with the hidden defects of a purchased flat or house

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