Resolution of disputes. Representation in disputes and judicial proceedings

An attorney can help you in negotiations, represent you in authorities and judicial proceedings and prepare procedural documents.

In the event of disagreements, the law firm can protect your interests in communicating with the other party. Law Firm FINK can represent you in negotiations, in pre-court proceedings (incl. criminal proceedings) and prepare the required documents. The law firm provides legal assistance in your relationships with, among others, the state and local authorities, their agencies and EU institutions.

When does the European Court of Human Rights come into play?

What next, once the domestic remedies have been exhausted?

You can take the state to the European Court of Human Rights based in Strasburg (France) when a right safeguarded by the European Convention on Human Rights has been infringed upon and all the domestic remedies have been exhausted. In other words, your application should indicate which article of the Convention or its protocol has been infringed upon. For instance, where, contrary to Article 6(1) of the Convention, a trial has not been fair. You can file an application within six months after the date of the domestic final judgment. The application should be drawn up using the prescribed form and sent to the court by post.

When can the Court of Justice of the European Union help?

The Court of Justice of the European Union based in Luxembourg deals with EU law.  The Court of Justice of the European Union ensures that the law is respected upon interpreting and applying the Treaties of the European Union.  We come into contact with the Court of Justice of the European Union via a preliminary ruling procedure where a questions of the interpretation and validity of EU law is raised in national court proceedings. The Court of Justice of the European Union makes a preliminary ruling at the request of a national court. Individuals and entities can bring an action with the Court of Justice of the European Union against the legal instruments of EU institutions, e.g. in order to contest a decision of the European Commission.

Law Firm FINK advises and represents you in solving disputes, among other things, in the following fields:

  • Representation in negotiations
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • Preparation of procedural documents
  • Representation in intra-authority appeal proceedings
  • Representation in administrative court proceedings
  • Representation in civil court proceedings, incl. preparation of a statement of claim, filing a claim
  • Representation in misdemeanour proceedings
  • Representation in criminal proceedings, incl. extradition to a foreign country
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation in EU institutions
  • Application to the European Court of Human Rights

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